About Harrison

In a nutshell: Sports and Technology

When dragged away from his computer, you can find Harrison biking, playing basketball, or sleeping.

When he is on his computer, he is exploring cryptocurrency, betting on (& watching) sports, coding hobby projects, or educating himself on the aforementioned.

Grew up in: Los Angeles, California

Lived in: United States, Great Britain, Germany

Travelled to: A few countries

Favorite sports: Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, (Sometimes) NFL

Favorite sport to watch: Soccer, Basketball

Profession: Digital Nomad

Favorite destinations: Ecuador, Seattle, Still to be seen

Least favorite destinations: Anywhere expensive or full of traffic

Favorite travel moments: Summiting Mt. Cotopaxi (5895m), overlooking Seattle, sleeping in buses (and airports!) overnight, and counting

Worst travel moments: Broken wrist requiring surgery. So much can (and does) go wrong while traveling, but figuring it out and working through it is part of the (rewarding) adventure.

Favorite Quote:Live. Laugh. Love.” “I love math… Ew, why?… Because it’s the same in every country.”

Travel not to escape life but for life not to escape you!

Long Version:

Born and raised in Southern California, I hate the cold. I grew up playing basketball, baseball, and soccer, and am still involved in all three (in one way or another). Despite my hatred of low temperatures, you can find me snowboarding instead of surfing.

I first left the States for graduate school in London, where I got acquainted with travel and arguably haven’t looked back.

I have worked briefly with several agencies and sports clubs, and my passion is IT and data analytics — a perfect mix for my interests of betting on sports and cryptocurrencies.

I am most comfortable with my laptop and a wifi connection, but enjoy playing sports, hiking, and walking with a good podcast.

I look forward to sharing my adventures as a digital nomad with you.

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